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Radici translates to Root in Italian. I chose this name because foot health has been overlooked with pilates movement, and I want to use it to improve your life. Healthy feet lead to proper core & glute activation which improves full-body movement, balance, and strength.

See more insight on www.ebfa.com Barefoot training on Youtube.

About Us

Men need Pilates


Pilates can fine-tune your performance if you are a runner, cyclist, mountain climber, workaholic, or enjoy watching the game on TV. We can create a plan to develop neglected muscle groups that dominate movement, improve flexibility, balance, & activate the muscles under your 6-pack or soft belly tissue. More importantly, focus on breath while concentrating on deep core and pelvic floor prostate health.

Female Insight to Movement


Pilates gave me an alternative approach to healthcare while managing my juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since I was 12. Pilates has also helped me recover from two c-sections, two abdominal surgeries, a hysterectomy, thoracoscopic biopsy, and a rotator cuff & bicep tendon tear. I understand the hurdles that life gives us. I empathize with the hurdles we encounter as women managing weight gain, menopause, depression, and stress. Together we will create a plan to increase your muscle mass, flexibility, and movement in your daily life.

Your Success Matters


My goal is to change your view of fitness and movement. Pilates can be a part of who you are and YOUR lifestyle. The American College of Sports Medicine, Mayo Clinic, UCSF, & Kaiser acknowledge that exercise helps decrease side effects pre-post surgery, cancer treatments, chronic illness, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Healthy behaviors begin with a routine to fit your personal preferences, personality & lifestyle.